• The Chemistry (and a little Physics) of Soap bubbles



The Chemistry (and a little Physics) of Soap Bubbles

tabletop bubble

This is a book in progress. It is a summary of my studies, experiments and activities with soap bubbles. At this time, the book is 90% completed.

For easier downloading, this book is broken into four parts:

These files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader

Part I: Materials and solutions and the Chemistry of soaps and detergents

Part II: The behavior of soap bubbles, Soap bubble activities for both outdoor and indoor

Part III: Investigations with soap films and frames, and a photo gallery of unusual bubble shapes

Part IV: Long lasting bubbles, Clean-up and storage, A bubbles bibliography, Bubble materials, and Appendices




David A. Katz was a featured presenter in the 3-2-1 Contact Show, Structures: Bubble, Bubble filmed at the Franklin Institute Science Museum, May 15-17, 1987.